Celebrating the Epiphany in Granada, Spain

Submitted by Hallie Fausey on the 2017 winter session program in Granada sponsored by the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures…

After being in Spain for only a day, I have already experienced a lot of excitement. El Dia de Los Reyes Magos (Epiphany) was always a mystery day to me, since I saw it marked on calendars, but knew nothing about the actual holiday. In Spain, however, the Epiphany  is a very popular holiday. In the evening, there is a parade to welcome the the three Magi called Cabalgata.

In Granada, each float and person in the Cabalgata is colored red, green or blue, in association with one of the three kings. People were packed into the streets and up on balconies to watch each float go by and to try to catch the many candies that are thrown from each float. When each band went through playing music, many people on the sidewalk would dance, sing the words, clap their hands.cabalgata-granada-hallie-fausey-17w-granada-dllc-sm

Seeing the people of Granada celebrate the Epiphany has shown me both the liveliness of the culture, as well as the importance of the holiday to the people who celebrate it. While I knew that other cultures celebrated different holidays, it was very eye opening to be a part of a celebration of a holiday that I had thought little of before. I wonder what else I have left to learn.