Greeted by Family in Germany

Submitted by Sibel Tekmen on the 2016 spring semester program in Granada, Spain…

Although I was already in Spain, I decided to spend my spring break in Germany this year. I have a lot of family in Augsburg, a city in southern Germany close to Munich. Therefore, I took this opportunity to spend valuable time with family members I had not seen for several years. Not only was I excited to travel outside of Spain, but I was also ready to go on my first trip alone without other program members or friends. Sometimes, traveling alone can be a tranquil and enriching experience.

When I arrived in Munich, my uncles, aunts and cousins all welcomed me into their homes and showed me around the city. We had several family dinners and spent a lot of time together. I met a baby cousin I had never seen before as well! I even attended a wedding of a friend of the family! After nearly three months without seeing any family, this was a warm experience to forget any homesickness.

As an American, the thought of reaching a foreign country in only a few hours is very appealing and exciting. On this recent trip, I was especially astonished by the efficiency and swiftness that I was able to reach Munich. Within four hours, I was greeting my family at the airport. As a result, I am now more grateful to be studying in Europe. From Spain, I can travel to several countries with even more efficiency than I can travel to other states in the United States. I hope to utilize my remaining time in Spain to visit more countries in my vicinity.Flying over Europe Sibel Tekmen sm