Humanitarian Mapathon

at the University of Delaware


Guidelines for Our Project


As you edit, you will notice a number of edits on the top toolbar. Save your edits periodically. We ask that you use the hashtag #UDMapathon18 when saving so we can track your contribution.

● Only use Bing Aerial Imagery or DigitalGlobe Premium Imagery as your basemap.
– Bing Aerial Imagery is the default when you open the editor.

● For reference on tracing buildings, use this guide.
– Please square the buildings (press the ‘S’ key after you select the feature as a building).
– Mark all buildings as ‘Building’, it is not necessary to classify further. Leave the rest of the form as-is and click the checkmark at the top.

● Outline residential areas for areas with at least 5 buildings. You may be able to spot a
fence or man-made boundary around the village. Only map individual buildings if it is not
a residential area (less than 5 buildings).

● The shortcut to create a new building is ‘3’.
● To square a building, type ‘S’ after you select the feature as a building.