2021 Agenda

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09:00 AM – 09:05 AM

Welcoming Remarks

Miriam Pomilio, State of Delaware

Tracy DeLiberty, University of Delaware

09:05 AM – 09:15 AM Spatial patterns of carbon storage in Delaware coastal wetlands Daniel Warner, Delaware Geological Survey Coastal wetlands are important ecosystems for a variety of reasons, including their ability to accumulate and store organic matter at much greater rates than other natural systems like forests and grasslands. In collaboration with the Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserves, we collected marsh sediments and analyzed them for organic matter and carbon content. Using these sample observations along with a combination of terrain data, LIDAR point clouds, and aerial imagery, we trained statistical models to predict soil organic matter distributions across the entirety of Blackbird Creek and St. Jones River marshes. The analysis revealed interesting spatial patterns of organic matter content and provided potential insights into the vulnerability of this carbon to sea level rise and human activities.
09:15 AM – 09:25 AM Tree for Every Delawarean Initiative (TEDI) Tree Tracker

K. Clare Quinlan, DNREC Division of Climate, Coastal, and Energy

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s Division of Climate, Coastal, and Energy (DCCE) recently partnered with the Delaware Forest Service to launch the Tree for Every Delawarean Initiative (TEDI). TEDI aims to cultivate a healthy Delaware that supports planting trees as a nature-based solution for recreation, wildlife habitat, climate mitigation, and the well-being of all Delawareans. TEDI poses several GIS challenges including tracking hundreds of thousands of trees planted by a wide array of audiences such as government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private citizens. DCCE developed a tree tracker using ArcGIS Survey123 and Dashboards to capture tree plantings throughout Delaware, from large-scale reforestation efforts to a single sapling planted in a backyard.
09:25 AM – 09:35 AM Inclusive Mapping: Knowledge Exchange with the Lenni-Lenape Tribe of Delaware Faisal Bin Islam, University of Delaware

Indigenous way of knowing and being is a crucial part of living and becoming with nature. Lenni-Lenape Tribe of Delaware is officially recognized Native American Tribes who have ancestral and cultural lineage long before Delaware was established as the first state. They are the true storytellers from the past with oral histories of the land that goes beyond thousands of years.  The community wants to get consulted and to participate in protecting their cultural. The Chief of Lenni-Lenape Tribe of Delaware consulted with a group of researchers from the department of geography and spatial science at UD to record coordinates and map his community’s ancestral graves at the Fork Branch Cemetery in Kent County, Delaware. The idea behind the map was to share the history of their ancestors in an interactive fashion on their website.

09:35 AM – 09:45 AM Digitizing Well Inspections and Automating Office Communications via Survey123 and Integromat Sharon Ungerer, DNREC – Water Supply Section Digitization of the Well Inspection Reports for Delaware’s Well Permitting Branch combines Esri and non-Esri solutions to improve data integrity, fast track communications from field to office, decrease the number of site visits needed, and increase the amount of metadata collected in the field. The Survey123 app adjusts to the inspectors needs depending on the type of well being inspected, when in the construction process the inspection is taking place, and whether the inspector is using our Arrow Gold GNSS units to collect location data. The app automatically submits a completed Well Inspection Report PDF via email to the hydrologist processing permits back in the office. We are collecting GNSS metatdata in the background so that other staff do not need to visit the site to map well locations. This presentation will share details on Survey123 configuration, Integromat automation, and lessons learned as our section embraced new technology.
09:45 AM – 10:00 AM Giveaways (2 prizes) and Break    
10:00 AM – 10:05 AM Cartography Competition winner(s) Jing Gao, University of Delaware  
10:05 AM – 10:30 AM Career Panel

Mary McColley
Jimmy Kroon
Andrea Wedo
Brooke Santiago
Faith Brown
Alexander Checchi

Esri, panelist
DE Dept. of Agriculture, panelist
Jacobs, panelist
City of Wilmington, panelist
UD student, moderator
UD student, moderator

10:30 AM – 11:00 AM What’s New with ArcGIS – Visualization Eric Wagner, Content Engineer, Esri The ArcGIS System continues to push the limits of data collection, analysis, and visualization. While all three aspects are equally important, presenting data is the most critical when it comes time to share our stories, findings, and results with others. But how do you grab someone’s attention? This presentation will explore what’s possible with: oriented imagery, immersive 3D environments, and what’s possible with the new ArcGIS Online Map Viewer.
11:00 AM – 11:10 AM Geomentor, Closing Remarks & Giveaways

Tracy DeLiberty, University of Delaware

Olena Smith, University of Delaware

11:10 AM – 12:00 PM Additional Networking & Mapathon Breakout Room    
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM Mapathon