Research and presentations


  1. On the geometry of numerical ranges over finite fields, joint with Kristen Camenga, Brandon Collins, Patrick Rault, Jonny Quezada, James Willson, and Rebekah Yates, Linear Algebra and its Applications, vol. 628, pp. 182-201, 2021.

Preprints/in preparation

  1. Quantum hypergraph homomorphisms and non-local games, joint with Ivan G. Todorov, submitted, arXiv:2211.04851.

Contributed talks

  • TBA, Workshop on Operator Algebras and Quantum Information, Newark, Delware, May 2023
  • TBA, Functional Analysis and Operator Algebras in Greece, Athens, Greece (online), February 2023
  • “Quantum Hypergraph Homomorphisms and Operator Algebras”, Inverse Problems and Analysis Seminar, Newark, Delaware, October 2022
  • “Quantum Hypergraph Homomorphisms and Operator Algebras”, Banach Algebras and Applications, Granada, Spain, July 2022
  • What is the Boundary of a Finite Field Numerical Range?”, MAA Student Session, JMM, (online), January 2021

Expository talks/other presentations

  • “Non-local Games and Operator Algebras”, UNO X-Math Conference, Omaha, Nebraska, December 2022
  • “Quantum Chromatic Numbers of Graphs: Connections to C*-algebras”, Hallenbeck Graduate Student Seminar, Delaware, May 2022
  • “All About Pursuing a PhD in Mathematics”, University of Nebraska Omaha Mathematics Colloquium, (online), September 2021
  • “Partial Order Games”, University of Delaware GEMS Colloquium, Newark, Delaware (online), July 2021
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