What We Believe

In this lab, we center embodied experiences and knowledges of the world. We believe that the statuses ascribed to our bodies and the bodies around us are inseparable from knowledge production. No matter the topic, embodiment is the meeting place for our diverse research threads.

In this lab, we value research that is problem driven and aimed at addressing the ever-present gap between existing policies and lived experiences. Our research may transcend disciplinary divides, but we join together in developing critical in-depth expertise in methods and subject areas, while also pushing the horizons of what is conceivable or possible. We believe all people are charged with grappling with the intersectional privileges and vulnerabilities that shape their process of research, knowledge production, and engagement.

We acknowledge that we are at a settler-colonial institution. We occupy Lenni-Lenape land.

We commit to tackling, addressing, and challenging injustice in our research, our teaching, in our engagement, and in ourselves. While we strive to adhere to these commitments in all aspects of our lives and work, we understand that each member of this lab is impacted differently by privilege, patriarchy, and positionality. We are all in a constant state of becoming and, as such, are constantly striving to understand the many and intersecting burdens that each of us carry with us.

In this lab, we work to create and maintain care-full spaces where students, faculty, alumni, and visitors can come and join as their full selves. In these spaces, we embrace the notion that knowledge production is necessarily a risky endeavor that relies on relationships with others. Knowledge is produced and always in dynamic engagement with people, places, and institutions. Ideas are refined in the space of sharp, sincere, and empathetic debate.

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