The Embodiment Lab was an initiative spearheaded by Lindsay Naylor upon her appointment as Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Delaware in 2015. She, along with Paul Jackson, envisioned a space of professional development and co-advising. They began having regular weekly meetings with all human geography focused graduate students, as well as their advisees.  Originally, this meeting was dubbed the  Human Geography Roundtable. In 2018, it became apparent that even though our research varied across subject, method, and discipline,  we were indeed working together, and so we refocused and developed the Embodiment Lab to better capture what the Roundtable was doing. 

Today, the Embodiment Lab is a space where we review each others work, read core text in geography, discuss theory and critical concepts, practice talks, learn to build professional websites, and much more. Over time, we have welcomed folks from outside the department as well. We have had lab participants from the Department of Political Science and International Relations, the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, the Department of Anthropology, and visiting undergraduate student researchers, lab alum, and external faculty.  At UD, in 2020, we were joined by Dr. Julie Klinger; in 2021, by Dr. Georgina Ramsay and in 2022, by Dr. Rebecca Nixon.

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