2018 – Tonya Atherton (Geography MA) – Mitigating distrust: trauma and redevelopment in Eastwick, Philadelphia

2018 – Jaime Barrett (Geography MA) – Dueling Conservation Perspectives?: The Whys and Why Nots of Best Management Practice Adoption and How it Relates to Local Knowledge

2018 – Dr. Chelsea Leiper (Geography PhD) – Paleo Body Politics: Re-Wilding Health, Ecology, and Diet during the Anthropocene 

2018 – Samantha Speck (Geography MA) – Risk Perceptions of the Mushroom Industry in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania; Mushroom Geography (UDaily, featured article)

2018 – Todd Sundberg (Geography MA) – At the Intersection of Urban Agriculture and Social Justice Activism in Wilmington, Delaware: Practices and Perceptions

2019 – Kelsey Obringer (Political Science & International Relations PhD) – The poverty of plastic bans: Environmentalism’s win is a loss for disabled people

2021 – Cassandra Wentzel (Geography MA) – Student Loan Attitudes: A Study at the University of Delaware

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