External Relations

University Seal

Section: External Relations Policies
Policy Name: University Seal
Policy Owner: Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs
Responsible University Office: Office of Communications and Public Affairs
Origination Date: September 1982
Revisions: June 5, 1989; April 1, 1996; July 1, 2005; August 2010; April 27, 2011
Legacy Policy Number: 1-11

The University Seal is the most restricted of all secondary marks and should not be used in daily or routine communications by colleges, departments programs.

The University Seal is produced in one color (PMS Blue 2945 C) or black. The University Seal may be watermarked on letterhead; printed, embossed or foil-stamped on certificates, diplomas, and diploma cases; and – through the offices listed below – embossed on other official documents. Use of the seal on all official documents requires prior approval by the University Secretary.

Office of the Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs.

Office of the Vice President and University Secretary

The University reserves the right of proprietorship of the University Seal. There shall be no unauthorized use of this mark. It is registered with the State of Delaware.

Responsibility for control of the use of the University Seal shall be delegated to the Vice President of Communications and Marketing, the University Secretary, the Director of Publications and the Trademark Licensing Manager, with e-mail notification of each use to the Office of the Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs.

These individuals shall monitor the use of the University Seal to ensure the authenticity of the mark, the appropriateness of the goods upon which it is to be applied and that the mark is applied only on goods being manufactured for the University or its agents.

University employees are directed to pages 27-28 of the UD Brand Style Guide for further information about use of the University Seal.