Facilities, Real Estate and Auxiliary Services

UD ONEcard (University ID Cards)

Section: Facilities, Real Estate and Auxiliary Services Policies
Policy Name: UD ONEcard (University ID Cards)
Policy Owner: Executive Vice President
Responsible University Office: Office of Human Resources
Origination Date: September 7, 1999
Revisions: October 19, 2009; November 16, 2016
Legacy Policy Number: 4-14
  1. SCOPE OF POLICYThis policy addresses the purpose, issuance, ownership, and cancellation of the University’s official identification cards and related requirements.
  2. DEFINITIONSUD ONEcard: Identification card issued to eligible employees, allowing them access to their workplace and campus areas and/or services.  As set forth below, the UD ONEcard may also be issued to spouses of University employees.
  3. POLICY STATEMENTAll employees are issued a UD ONEcard that entitles them to the use or rights and privileges extended to cardholders.
    1. All employee UD ONEcards are authorized by the HR Systems Office and are issued by the ID Card Office.
    2. The UD ONEcard may be required for access to services, facilities and various privileges extended to cardholders. Access to some services may require authorization and/or payment of fees.
    3. Employees are responsible for reporting loss, theft or damage of the card to the ID Card Office. The cardholder is responsible for any fees that may be charged for UD ONEcard replacement.
    4. Older versions of the ID card lacking the ONEcard logo must be replaced with a UD ONEcard.
    5. The UD ONEcard may be available to those persons who are temporarily part of the University community but who are not regular University employees. This designation is based upon department request and HR Systems approval.
    6. The spouse of a University faculty member or exempt or non-exempt employee is eligible for an employee-spouse UD ONEcard. Prior authorization by HR systems is required.  Possession of an employee-spouse UD ONEcard does not automatically guarantee access to any University services or privileges.
    7. UD ONEcards are the property of the University of Delaware and are inactivated when employment ceases.  Upon separation from the University, employees and their spouses, as applicable, must return the UD ONEcard to the employees’ home departments.