External Relations

Solicitation and Gift Processing Guidelines

Section: External Relations Policies
Policy Name: Solicitation and Gift Processing Guidelines
Policy Owner: Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
Responsible University Office: Office of Development and Alumni Relations
Origination Date: June 1, 1997
Revisions: August 31, 2003
Legacy Policy Number: 1-17
  1. PURPOSEThe purpose of this document is to establish policies for the solicitation and processing of gifts to the University of Delaware. The objective of these policies is to insure that: 1) the integrity of the University’s fund-raising operation is maintained, 2) fund-raising messages sent by the University or on its behalf are consistent, and 3) University constituencies are protected from solicitations that are inappropriate, redundant, and/or too numerous.
    1. Definition

      For purposes of these policies, solicitation is defined as all requests for support directed to any person or organization, including alumni, students, friends, employees, parents, corporations, foundations or associations for the purpose of generating gifts for the University and its affiliated programs. This includes, but is not necessarily restricted to, any solicitations conducted via mail, phone, newsletters, personal visits, or electronic means. Examples of solicitations typically authorized by the Office of University Development include, but are not limited to the following:

      1. Annual solicitation campaigns, e.g., phonathons, direct mail solicitations, etc.;
      2. Solicitations for scholarships, fellowships, professorships, endowed chairs, and memorial funds;
      3. Solicitations for construction, expansion or renovation projects;
      4. Solicitations for the funding of new or existing academic programs.
    2. Authorization

      The Office of University Development must authorize all solicitation on behalf of the University and its affiliated programs, including student organizations. Interested parties must submit a written request to the Vice President of University Development and Alumni Relations detailing the following information:

      1. Purpose of solicitation;
      2. Who will be solicited;
      3. Timetable for solicitation;
      4. Who is responsible for creating and producing the solicitation;
      5. How and by whom the solicitation will be made.

      If the solicitation request is authorized, University Development’s senior leadership will determine the appropriate solicitation strategy, including priority, timing, processing and acknowledgment procedures, and any necessary modifications. The Office of University Development will have final approval of all letters, texts, scripts, and other components related to such solicitation.

      Departments, organizations, and individuals are prohibited from using the University of Delaware’s name or trademarks to solicit support without written permission of the Office of University Development.

      The creation and solicitation of alumni dues by any of the University’s colleges, departments, or programs are prohibited.

  3. GIFT PROCESSINGAny gifts or related items (such as matching gift forms) received directly by a college, department, program, or other units must be forwarded directly and immediately, with all accompanying materials, to the Gift Processing Office in the Treasurer’s Office.
  4. EXCEPTIONSExceptions to the policies must be approved by the Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations or his or her designee.