Facilities, Real Estate and Auxiliary Services

Reproduction of Course Materials as Coursepacks

Section: Facilities, Real Estate and Auxiliary Services Policies
Policy Name: Reproduction of Course Materials as Coursepacks
Policy Owner: Executive Vice President
Responsible University Office: Facilities, Real Estate and Auxiliary Services
Origination Date: September 15, 1977
Revisions: June 5, 1989; April 17, 2006; July 2009
Legacy Policy Number: 5-12
    To describe the procedure departments and faculty must follow in reproducing and distributing coursepacks and other materials assigned in all University scheduled instruction for students to purchase.
    1. All materials for purchase and assigned in University scheduled instruction, including all faculty-produced coursepacks, CDs, DVDs, etc. (henceforth collectively referred to as “course materials”), must be available at the University Bookstore. This requirement applies without exception, regardless of where such materials are published or reproduced.
    2. The department or faculty member is wholly responsible for the preparation of the coursepacks to be reproduced and to be made available for student purchase.
      1. Faculty assigning a prepared coursepack must provide the coursepack information requested on the Textbook Adoption Form.
      2. Although coursepacks (see Faculty Handbook for definition) may be reproduced anywhere at the discretion of the faculty, University Printing is the preferred reproduction vendor.
      3. The department or faculty member is responsible for communicating all copyright clearance requirements to University Printing via its Work Request Form, fax or e-mail (universityprinting@udel.edu) or if working through an alternate reproducer, for ensuring that the alternate reproducer is responsible for obtaining all necessary copyright clearances as set forth below.
      4. Obtaining the copyright clearance will be the responsibility of either University Printing or the alternate reproducer.
        1. Reproduction of coursepacks through University Printing:
          1. Coursepacks must be forwarded by the faculty member or the department to University Printing for reproduction processing.
          2. To ensure that the University and the faculty member are held harmless from any potential liability claims, University Printing will be responsible for securing copyright clearance for the coursepacks it reproduces (see Copyright Clearance Procedures).
          3. The selling price for coursepacks reproduced by University Printing will be established based upon any copyright clearance fees, the cost of reproduction, and the University’s approved fee for the University Bookstore.
          4. Departments and faculty members will not be responsible for unsold copies (see University Printing Coursepack Reproduction Procedures).
        2. Coursepacks reproduced by alternate reproducers:
          1. Coursepacks that the faculty member or department wants reproduced by alternate reproducers must be forwarded by the faculty member or the department to the selected alternate reproducer.
          2. The faculty member or department will provide the alternate reproducers contact information on the Textbook Adoption Form so that the University Bookstore can order the coursepacks.
          3. The alternate reproducers will be responsible for obtaining all copyright clearances and shall hold the University harmless from any potential liability claims.
          4. The coursepack selling price will include any copyright clearance fees and charges to produce the coursepacks.
          5. The Copyright Clearance Acknowledgement Form must be forwarded to the alternate reproducer. The signed form must be retained by the department and made available upon request to University Printing.
        3. Copyright Clearance by department or faculty member:

          In the event that the department or faculty member obtains the copyright clearance, before approaching University Printing or alternate reproducer, confirmation must be given to University Printing or alternate reproducer and University Printing or alternate reproducer shall take such steps as it deems appropriate to ensure the clearance is acceptable. University Printing or alternate reproducer’s determination shall control.