Financial and Business

Relocation Allowance for New Faculty and Professional Members

Section: Financial & Business Policies
Policy Name: Relocation Allowance for New Faculty and Professional Members
Policy Owner: Executive Vice President
Responsible University Office: Office of the Vice President For Finance and Deputy Treasurer
Origination Date: July 15, 1976
Revisions: September 1, 1988; June 5, 1989; September 12, 1991; July 1994; July 1997; March, 2004; July 1, 2005; October 11, 2005; February 7, 2007; January 19, 2011
Legacy Policy Number: 3-11
  1. PURPOSETo outline allowable relocation costs for incoming Faculty and Professional Staff.
  2. POLICYCertain expenses are incurred when an incoming faculty or professional member moves household effects, including books, from his/her place of residence to his/her new home in the area of University employment. Although the University cannot assume the full cost for the relocation of household furnishings, the University may reimburse with receipts via the “Business Expense Request (BER) – Reimbursement” webform up to a limit of $2,000 per household of the reimbursable expenses as outlined below.
    1. Reimbursable Expenses: The University defines reimbursable expenses as those reasonable expenses which are directly related to the relocation of a new faculty or professional member, and are documented with original receipts.
      1. All expenses which are considered “deductible” by the Internal Revenue Service will be reimbursed by the University up to the $2000 limit. Deductible expenses are outlined in IRS Publication 521, “Moving Expenses” (available from the IRS online at: IRS Publication 521).
      2. In the event that expenses categorized by the IRS as “not deductible” are reimbursed, they will be reported as taxable income on the employee’s W-2 form for the year in which the reimbursement occurred. The University cannot and will not make exceptions to what the IRS considers “deductible” and “not deductible”.
      3. Any relocation expenses direct billed to the University must have the prior approval of Procurement Services.
      4. Any exception to this policy must have prior approval of the cognizant Dean or Vice Provost for academic departments and of the Executive Vice President and University Treasurer for administrative departments. Such prior approval must be attached to the Request for Reimbursement of Relocation Costs.
      5. The Office of Procurement Services should be consulted in advance to determine if expenses are reasonable and/or directly related.