External Relations

Registered University Trademarks and Service Marks

Section: External Relations Policies
Policy Name: Registered University Trademarks and Service Marks
Policy Owner: Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs
Responsible University Office: Office of Communications and Public Affairs
Origination Date: October 2, 1985
Revisions: April 1, 1996; April, 2005; August 2010; April 27, 2011
Legacy Policy Number: 1-12
    1. The University reserves the right of proprietorship of a number of symbols of identification of the University used in connection with a variety of consumer goods or services related to athletic, business, and educational events or activities of the University. These trademarks and service marks, in the form of emblems and logos, are registered with the State of Delaware and/or the United States Federal Trademark and Patent Office. Original documentation for each mark is on file in the University Archives and copies are maintained in the Office of the University Secretary 126 Hullihen Hall.
    2. The use of University trademarks and service marks is prohibited without the express permission of the University of Delaware. All inquiries should be directed to the Office of Communications and Public Affairs.
    3. University employees are directed to the UD Brand Style Guide for further information about use of the registered University marks.