Governance, Ethics and General

Political Activity

Section: Governance, Ethics & General Policies
Policy Name: Political Activity
Policy Owner: Executive Vice President
Responsible University Office: Office of Human Resources
Origination Date: 1997
Revisions: November 2012
Legacy Policy Number: 4-56
  1. POLICYThe position of the University of Delaware as a tax-assisted but non-political institution imposes on all employees special responsibilities for the use of good judgment in political matters. The University also recognizes the constitutional right of its employees to assume the responsibilities of citizenship in governmental affairs. Employees proposing to engage in political activity are expected to notify the President of the University in advance. In most instances, the President will require only the assurance of the employee that the contemplated activity will not interfere with University responsibilities. If an employee proposes to run for significant public office on a partisan ticket or to engage in political activity of similar scope, the President may require the employee to apply for leave of absence without pay, particularly if such activity will require a substantial amount of time and attention.

    Subject to any limitations that may be imposed under the term of a written employment contract or collective bargaining agreement, the salary of an employee who is elected to a paid political office shall be reduced by 10% during the period when such employee is compensated for holding office.

    Under the charter of the University, neither University facilities nor equipment may be used to support political parties or candidates.