Campus Safety and Security

Personal Protective Equipment

Section: Campus Safety and Security Policies
Policy Name: Personal Protective Equipment
Policy Owner: Executive Vice President
Responsible University Office: Office of Environmental Health and Safety
Origination Date: November 1992
Revisions: May 21, 1993; January 13, 2006
Legacy Policy Number: 7-40
  1. PURPOSETo establish personal protective equipment requirements for the University.
  2. SCOPE AND APPLICATIONThis policy applies to all University personnel, contract personnel, and visitors in applicable University facilities and/or University operations.
    1. Deans, directors, chairpersons, principal investigators, laboratory instructors, and line supervisors shall assure compliance with this policy. Individuals responsible for assuring compliance with this policy shall correct infractions upon detection. Disciplinary actions shall be taken as needed.
    2. Each department shall establish a policy for assessing compliance with the personal protective equipment requirements. A copy of this department policy shall be forwarded to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety.
    3. Each college, school, department, division or unit shall provide or otherwise make available to each employee required to wear personal protective equipment the devices commensurate with the activity and hazard involved. Students may be required to purchase their own personal protective equipment.
    4. Departmental Chemical Hygiene Officers or other persons designated by the department shall determine personal protective equipment requirements for activities conducted within their department. This shall be accomplished by conducting a Job Hazard Analysis reviewed by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety for activities performed. Job Hazard Analysis forms and information are available from the Department of Environmental Health and Safety web site. Personal protective equipment requirements established must incorporate those specifically required by other regulatory agencies such as the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration at a minimum.
    5. Departments should develop positive reinforcement programs to encourage employees to comply with the established personal protective equipment requirements.
    6. Initial training shall be provided to personnel regarding personal protective equipment requirements before they perform any activity requiring personal protective equipment. Refresher training shall be part of annual Right-to-Know or Chemical Hygiene Plan training.
    7. Other requirements and recommendations for personal protective equipment use can be found in the following references:
      1. University of Delaware Radiation Safety Manual for Radioactive Materials;
      2. University of Delaware Hazardous Material Safety Manual;
      3. University of Delaware Eye Protection Policy 7-23;
      4. University of Delaware Chemical Hygiene Plan, University of Delaware Policy 7-37;
      5. University of Delaware Policy 7-19 Control of Biohazard’s in Research and Education;
      6. University of Delaware Policy 7-27 Hazardous Chemical Information;
      7. University of Delaware Policy 7-31 AIDS and Hepatitis B Risk Management;
      8. University of Delaware Policy 7-32 Respiratory Protection;
      9. 29 CFR 1910.1001 OHSA Asbestos Standard.
      10. See paragraph III.4.