Financial and Business

Equipment Screening Policy

Section: Financial & Business Policies
Policy Name: Equipment Screening Policy
Policy Owner: Executive Vice President
Responsible University Office: Office of the Vice President For Finance and Deputy Treasurer
Origination Date: November 14, 1991
Revisions: April 2000; July 1, 2005
Legacy Policy Number: 5-21
  1. PURPOSETo meet Federal government requirements for the purchase of equipment funded in sponsored programs.
  2. POLICYAll proposed purchases of equipment using federal or federal flow-thru funds having a requisition cost of $5,000 or more are subject to the screening program to determine if like equipment exists on campus and is available for use.
    1. Screening for equipment with a unit value of $5,000 to $9,999 will be carried out by the department and will be restricted to screening of like equipment in the custody of that department. Access to or a listing of departmental equipment can be requested from the Office of Procurement Services, Asset Management.
    2. Screening for equipment with a unit value of $10,000 and more will be carried out by a joint effort of the department and the Office of Procurement Services, Asset Management. This screening will encompass the total like equipment on campus.

      Asset Management will provide a listing annually of equipment costing $10,000 and over to departments with sponsored funds or to any department upon request. If a department does not have an equipment listing please contact the Office of Procurement Services, Asset Management @ 831-8951.

      The following certification is to be placed on requisitions for the purchase of equipment:

      This is to certify that a determination has been made in accordance with University Policy No. 5-21 that there is no like equipment in this department or on campus that is available for use in lieu of item(s) requested.

  4. RESPONSIBLE AUTHORITYThe authority to enforce this policy lies within the Procurement Services Department. Any questions may be directed to (302) 831- 2161 or