Facilities, Real Estate and Auxiliary Services

Alcohol Consumption on Campus

Section: Facilities, Real Estate and Auxiliary Services Policies
Policy Name: Alcohol Consumption on Campus
Policy Owner: Executive Vice President
Responsible University Office: Facilities, Real Estate and Auxiliary Services
Origination Date: September 15, 1977
Revisions: June 5, 1989; April 14, 2004; October 24, 2008; May 1, 2019
Legacy Policy Number: 2-13
  1. PURPOSETo provide guidelines to the University community, “guests, visitors, and outside organizations” on the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages on University property. Any applicable Federal, State and local laws concerning alcohol beverages must be adhered to in addition to this policy. For students, the policies concerning the use of alcoholic beverages are described in the Student Guide to University Policies.
    1. Unauthorized possession, use, manufacture, distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages in or on University owned or leased property is prohibited.
    2. Alcoholic beverages may not be stored or consumed in academic, multi-purpose or administrative buildings with the exception of alcoholic beverages served for catered or social events as approved by the appropriate Dean or Vice President.
    3. Transportation of alcoholic beverages by individuals or groups into any event approved for consumption of alcohol is not permitted except as specified in the Tailgating Policy.
    4. Alcoholic beverages may be served at social or catered events for University departments or approved events when held in University facilities or at University outdoor sites approved for gatherings by the appropriate Dean or Vice President.
    5. Dining Services will provide alcoholic beverage service for the event, in compliance with the Office of Alcoholic Beverage Control Commissioner’s (OABCC) regulations, when approved by the appropriate Dean or Vice President and registered with the facility manager, or the appropriate Director, Dean or Vice President, where the event is scheduled to be held. All approvals and registrations must be provided to Dining Services in writing and include confirmation that the event organizer will comply with all alcohol related policies. See Alcoholic Beverage Service Approval Form.
    6. No individual employed by the University, guest or visitor shall possess or consume alcoholic beverages on campus except at social events at which alcoholic beverages have been approved and to which the individual has been invited. Staff who reside on campus and registered hotel/conference guests, being of legal age, may possess and consume alcohol in their private residence within the limits of this policy.
    7. Boilermakers and shooters are not permitted through alcoholic beverage service. This does not include drinks served on the rocks, Single Malt Scotch, or cordials served straight up.
    8. The bar staff, after consulting with Management, reserves the right to refuse service to any guest if deemed unsafe.