External Relations

Advertising on the University of Delaware Website

Section: External Relations Policies
Policy Name: Advertising on the University of Delaware Website
Policy Owner: Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs
Responsible University Office: Office of Communications and Public Affairs
Origination Date: July 24, 2008
Revisions: April 10, 2009
Legacy Policy Number: 1-24
  1. PURPOSEThis policy establishes guidelines for placing internal and external advertising and acknowledging sponsors and sponsorships on University of Delaware web pages.
  2. SCOPE
    This policy applies to the University of Delaware web pages signified by the address “udel.edu” or within the range of Internet and Intranet protocol addresses assigned to the University of Delaware ending in .edu. Internal advertising promotes products, services and events for the University and its partners, such as the Campus Bookstore, Dining Services, and the Courtyard Marriott Newark-UD, while external advertising does the same for entities, primarily commercial, other than the University and its partners.
    1. The Office of Communications & Public Affairs¬†(CPA) is charged with guiding the design and evolution of the institutional web site and ensuring all web content (represented by web pages) meets the University’s quality and accuracy standards.
    2. The placement of banner advertisements is limited to the news and events (UDaily) section of the UD website. All banner ads will be labeled with the word “Advertisement”.
    3. The use of paid links to commercial Web sites, including sponsorships of Web site content, is limited to sections of the udel.edu Web site that offer general information, such as news, events, and maps, as opposed to those providing necessary academic information.
    4. Advertising must be free of controversy. Advertising will not be accepted for alcohol products, tobacco products, gambling, weapons, predatory lending or anything illegal. Advertising will not be accepted for any products and services so close to the mission of UD that an implied endorsement might be perceived without the prior written approval of the Vice President for Communications & Marketing. Examples of such products are test preparation services and student loans. As is true with print advertising, UD reserves the right to reject any advertising for any reason, or to request revisions, even after an advertising agreement has been signed.
    5. Final approval of advertisers and the ads themselves rests with the Vice President for Communications & Marketing.
    6. While banner advertising is limited to the UDaily portion of the Web site, that limitation does not preclude, elsewhere on the University Web site, the appropriate acknowledgment of sponsorship or other support from external sources. That acknowledgment may include the use of a tastefully sized logo with a link to the supporter’s homepage. Any accompanying copy must comply with FCC standards for non-commercial broadcast media (non-comparative, value neutral statements, no call to action, no pricing, etc.).The official UD logo should appear on every page within the institutional Web site to accurately identify its affiliation with the University.