Human Resources

Access to Personnel Records

Section: Human Resources Policies
Policy Name: Access to Personnel Records
Policy Owner: Executive Vice President
Responsible University Office: Office of Human Resources
Origination Date: September 7, 1999
Revisions: November 17, 2016
Legacy Policy Number: 4-18
  1. SCOPE OF POLICYThis policy addresses an employee’s right to access his / her personnel record and applies to all employees.
  2. DEFINITIONSPersonnel Record: an individual employee’s file maintained in the Office of Human Resources, Records Management or such employee’s file maintained by the employee’s department containing employment history, including but not limited to, the employee’s application for employment, reference information, performance appraisals, and improvement plans, if any, and any such other information not prohibited by law.
  3. POLICY STATEMENTThe University permits an employee to have access to all data in his / her personnel record, upon written request, with the exception of confidential employment references sent to or solicited by the University.
    1. Employee personnel records shall be available for inspection by the individual employee with proper identification.
    2. Employees shall make an appointment with the personnel official, at the Records Management office or department, indicating the specific information desired to be reviewed. Copies of specific information, with the exception of confidential employment references, may be supplied at the employee’s expense.
    3. Records must be reviewed in the presence of an official in the Records Management office or department, and may not be removed.