Task List

Committee Task Target Date Completion Date  
FYS Decide what modules need to be added to FYS as per Faculty Senate resolution September 21, 2015
Core Study how other campuses have approached the design of core courses September 28, 2015
UGS Confer with Diversity Committee about creating the rubric for aligning multicultural courses October 12, 2015
Core Decide on overall approach for UD’s first core course pilot October 26, 2015
FYS Define guidelines detailing all required components for a course designated as a First Year Seminar November 16, 2015
Gen Ed Create rubrics for review of undergraduate degree programs November 16, 2015
FYS Strategize how to prevent programs from avoiding FYS so that all students partake of the revised curriculum November 16, 2015
Core Design modules for use in core course pilot November 23, 2015
Diversity Rubric finalized for aligning multicultural courses December 1, 2015
UGS Review undergraduate program review rubrics created by Gen Ed December 14, 2015
FYS Design the new FYS modules, including diversity competency, sexual misconduct awareness and prevention, drug and alcohol use education and abuse prevention, responsible use of the Internet and other social media, and ethics and academic honesty January 11, 2016
UGS Define what constitutes a capstone course January 11, 16
UGS Finalize certification process for aligning multicultural courses February 1, 2016
Core Make an assessment plan in conjunction with CTAL for evaluating the effectivess of the core courses February 8, 2016
UGS Create guidelines for departments to use in proposing capstone courses February 15, 2016
Core Schedule classrooms and facilities for use in core course pilot February 15, 2016
Core Work with the university administration to develop a financial plan for implementating the core courses March 7, 2016
UGS & Diversity Multicultural course Rubric and certification process are presented to the Faculty Senate and sent to faculty March 7, 2016
FYS FYS module development and testing March 14, 2016
UGS Inform departments of deadlines and processes for creating capstone courses March 14, 2016
Core Update the Faculty Senate on the design and development of the core courses April 4, 2016
Gen Ed Resolution deadline for providing clear examples and templates to all departments including curricular maps to aid in their internal reviews of how students are achieving the Objectives of General Education May 1, 2016
Gen Ed Resolution deadline for providing rubrics against which degree programs will be assessed, based on the AAC&U VALUE Rubrics, for each Objective of General Education or component of Objectives to all programs and departments May 1, 2016
Gen Ed Resolution deadline for providing clear guidelines for review of student learning in all degree programs, with regard to the Objectives of General Education, to all programs and departments May 1, 2016
FYS Recommend to the Faculty Senate how to enact a review process ensuring that all FYS designated courses meet established guidelines September 5, 2016
Core Pilot the first core course during Fall 2016 September 5, 2016
UGS Review existing and new MC courses submitted for approval via the 2016–2017 course approval process December 1, 2016
Core Update the Faculty Senate on the development, piloting, and assessment of the core courses December 5, 2016
CTAL Design a new Gen Ed website to replace the old site at http://www2.udel.edu/gened February 6, 2017
Core Make a recommendation to the Faculty Senate at the conclusion of an initial pilot as to whether or not to proceed with development of the core course(s) and the implementation of a core course(s) requirement February 6, 2017
UGS Review Capstone Course Proposals February 13, 2017
UGS Capstone courses added to catalog for students matriculating in Fall 2017 April 3, 2017
CTAL Launch the newly designed Gen Ed website. April 10, 2017

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