Core Curriculum Proposal

The resolution on the Core Curriculum reaffirms the role of English 110 as an important component of the general education of all students, and the resolution further establishes that the faculty of the University of Delaware endorses in principle the creation of a core curriculum of a minimum of one course and directs the President of the Faculty Senate to proceed forthwith in appointing an “Ad Hoc Committee on the Core,” subject to the following charge and guidelines.
The Ad Hoc Committee on the Core is formed to assist in the process of developing and piloting a minimum of one core course that has the potential to become required of all University of Delaware students. The Ad Hoc Committee on the Core is appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate, will consist of a minimum of one faculty representative from each college, a minimum of one undergraduate student, and one representative from the Office of the Provost, and is to be charged by the President of the Faculty Senate with all due haste upon adoption of this resolution. The committee is charged to:.
  1. Support and work with the university administration to develop and pilot a minimum of one core course as generally described in the Report of the Task Force on General Education during AY2015/16. The first Core Pilot Course is to be offered in Fall 2016 and further, any Core Pilot Course will be counted as a UD Breadth course.
  2. Provide regular and timely updates to the Faculty Senate General Education Committee and the Faculty Senate on the development, piloting, and assessment of these pilot courses.
  3. Develop an assessment plan for the Core in conjunction with CTAL.
  4. Make a recommendation to the Faculty Senate at the conclusion of an initial pilot as to whether or not to proceed with development of the core course(s) and the implementation of a core course(s) requirement.
  5. Work with the university administration to develop a financial plan for said implementation. The committee will be dissolved by a vote of the Faculty Senate.

Committee Members

Listed here are the members of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Core that is being chaired by Eric Rise.
College of Engineering Jennifer Buckley
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Nicole Donofrio
College of Earth, Ocean and Environment Brian Hanson
College of Arts and Sciences Christine Heyrman
College of Health Sciences Elizabeth Orsega-Smith
College of Education and Human Development Laura Eisenman
College of Arts and Sciences Eric Rise, Committee Chair
Provost Designee Rose Muravchick, CTAL
Associate in Arts Program David Satran
College of Business and Economics Anu Sivaraman
Undergraduate Student
Senate Diversity Committee Representative


  • Long term sustainability is a design requirement, i.e., will the pilot be able to scale up to a course that can be required of all UD students?
  • Should the common reader come into the core?

Current Status

With funding approved by the Office of the Provost, the Ad Hoc Committee on the Core has created a call for core course creation proposals. This call for proposals will circulate to all faculty on Monday, February 8, 2016. During the February 8 Faculty Senate Meeting, members of the Senate will receive copies of this call for proposals, and Core Committee Chair Eric Rise will answer questions about it.

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