Align Multicultural Courses with Diversity Learning Rubric

On 11 May 2015 the Faculty Senate passed the following resolution regarding the need to align multicultural courses with a diversity learning rubric.
WHEREAS, multicultural courses should be recertified periodically to help ensure that they are meeting the diversity goals of the University, and
WHEREAS, the Center for the Study of Diversity has created a new rubric that is designed to assess diversity learning, be it therefore
RESOLVED, that the University Faculty Senate Committee on Diversity and Affirmative Action shall consider this new Diversity Learning Value Rubric and identify those dimensions or others appropriate for evaluating multicultural courses, and be it further
RESOLVED, that the University Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies, with the involvement of the Committee on Diversity, shall design and implement a process for certifying existing and newly proposed University multicultural courses for their alignment with the abovementioned dimensions, and be it further
RESOLVED, that this should occur during the 2015-2016 academic year.


Due to timing issues related to course proposal deadlines, UGS and the Diversity Committee have modified their timeline as follows:

Date Task
12/1/15 Rubric finalized
2/1/16 Committees finalize certification process
3/7/16 Rubric and certification process are presented to the Faculty Senate and sent to faculty
12/1/16 Existing and new MC courses are submitted for approval via the 2016–2017 Course Approval Process.
 Fall 2017  New courses take effect.

Current Status

As of 5 February 2016, the rubric has been finalized and the Committee on Diversity has drafted the guidelines that will be used in certifying multicultural courses. UGS is reviewing these guidelines and is working with the Diversity Committee to establish the certification process, which will be presented to the Faculty Senate as planned on 7 March 2016.

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