General Education Reform

During the Fall of 2014, the UD Faculty Senate’s General Education committee brought forth a resolution to replace the previous ten gen ed goals with four new purposes and five new objectives of general education. On 3 November 2014 the University of Delaware Faculty Senate unanimously passed this resolution, and a Gen Ed Task Force began work on an implementation plan. After holding several open hearings in the Spring of 2015, the Task Force issued its final report and the Faculty Senate committees formulated eight resolutions addressing various aspects of the plan. On 11 May 2015 the Faculty Senate debated these resolutions on the Senate floor. This page outlines the work and tracks the progress toward implementing the five resolutions that passed. Follow these links to learn more about each initiative:

First Year Seminar

Core Curriculum Proposal

Capstone Requirement

Review of Undergraduate Degree Programs

Align Multicultural Courses with Diversity Learning Rubric

Addendum with Explanatory Paragraphs

Fall 2016 Tasks and Forms

During the Fall of 2016, UD is implementing gen ed reforms that require action by virtually every department on campus. These reforms include (1) recertifying all First Year Seminar (FYS) courses, (2) recertifying all multicultural courses, and (3) recertifying all capstone courses. In addition to recertifying all these courses, each program must include a capstone requirement for students matriculating in Fall 2017 and beyond; previously the capstone was a recommendation, not a requirement.

To help faculty and departments access the recertification documents and forms you will need to process during the Fall of 2016, we have created a web page containing links to the resources you will need. For quick access to these recertification documents and forms, follow this link to Fall 2016 Tasks and Forms.

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