Discovery Learning Experience

Discovery Learning Experience



Discovery learning takes place when students use their knowledge and skills acquired through traditional classroom experiences to discover, for themselves, effective actions, alternatives and solutions to situations and/or problems that occur in “real-life” contexts; that is, contexts that are unpredictable, where problems and situations are complex and lack clear definitions. These contexts are primarily outside of the classroom and include internships, service learning, independent study, undergraduate research, and study abroad. However, they may also occur within a classroom experience.

All undergraduate students are required to engage in three credits of Discovery Learning Experiences (DLE), under the supervision of a faculty member. As a result of the Discovery Learning Experience, all students should be able to: 1) apply critical thinking skills to develop effective responses to, and make informed decisions about, problems or situations encountered in the course of the learning experience; and 2) reflect upon what they have learned as a result of participating in the DLE.

Questions regarding DLE should be directed to Dr. Avron Abraham, Faculty Director of the Center for Academic Success (

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