Support for digital scholarship in the classroom

This is a guest post by Digital Scholarship Librarian Kayla Abner.

Rethinking assignments for the fall? With increased emphasis on virtual instruction, digital scholarship projects, like data visualizations, digital exhibits, or websites, may be more useful than ever. For example, maybe you usually have students write a paper on a topic — what if they created an infographic that included data analysis or visualization? Or, instead of a history exam, students worked to create a digital timeline detailing how the events unfolded?

Digital Scholarship and Publishing Team
The Digital Scholarship and Publishing team (left to right): Alex Galarza, Kayla Abner, and Paige Morgan

The Digital Scholarship and Publishing team at the Library, Museums and Press is available to partner with you to implement digital methods or tools in your research or teaching. We always work to center questions of research and pedagogy while teaching digital methods and tools, so no prior experience or knowledge of digital scholarship is required. We understand students’ varied access to technology, and can work with you to develop inclusive learning experiences. Contact the team at to discuss your research or teaching idea.