The Facilities Operations department operates and maintains the University of Delaware’s campus in support of the University’s teaching, research and community service responsibilities. We are responsible for the maintenance, operation, protection, and preservation of the facilities of the University of Delaware. All University of Delaware students, faculty, staff and visitors are our customers.

Central Plant Operations

The Central Plant Department is responsible for the following:

  • Central Steam Plant and underground steam distribution system
  • East and West Chilled Water plants and underground chilled water distribution system
  • Industrial, commercial and residential heating boilers and furnaces
  • Refrigeration equipment rated at or above 20 tons

Central Boiler & Chilled Water Plant

(302) 831-3624

  • Equipment operators are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Equipment operators handle after-hour emergency repair calls and dispatch maintenance personnel

Central Plant Boiler Shop

(302) 831-6133

  • Install and repair boiler and furnace equipment
  • Maintain high pressure underground steam distribution system
  • Maintain high pressure steam equipment in buildings

Central Plant Heavy Refrigeration Shop

(302) 831-6196

  • Maintain refrigeration equipment including compressors, condensers, cooling towers and pumps
  • Maintain underground chilled water distribution system

Joe Lapalombara

Assistant Director of Operations
(302) 831-4878

Heating and Cooling Services

Corrective maintenance performed by the HVAC Department:

  • Preventative maintenance on all HVAC equipment including pumps, motors, fans, piping, valves, and steam traps, etc.
  • Changing filters on all air handlers, fan coils, unit ventilators, etc.
  • Repairs and maintains all HVAC controls including pneumatic, electric, and electronic
  • Maintains and repairs all components of the steam distribution system in a building
  • Maintains and repairs all water distribution systems in each building
  • Maintains RO/DI systems including stills
  • Responsible for the maintenance and repair of all light refrigeration equipment 20 tons or less
  • Utilizing the Energy Management System to ensure environmental comfort and to maximize energy savings

Chargeable Services

  • Evacuation of refrigerants per the Clean Air Act of 1990
  • Renovations or modifications to the existing HVAC system in a building or room
  • Maintenance and repair to domestic refrigeration equipment (iceboxes, environmental boxes, walk-in boxes, etc.)

Joe Lapalombara

Assistant Director of Operations
(302) 831-4878

Mike Crescenzo

HVAC Supervisor
(302) 831-0199

Facilities Notices

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Request Service

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Work Order Status

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Customer Service

The Customer Service Center processes all customer requests and inquires related to Facilities, Real Estate and Auxiliary Services. The Facilities Information Services group is responsible for documentation, data collection and reporting.

Reporting a Problem?

The following information is required when reporting a problem in your workplace/residence hall:
1. Location of the problem
2. Floor and room number (if applicable)
3. Other location information if floor/room not available
4. Your name
5. Your phone and UD role (i.e.student, faculty, staff, etc.)
6. Describe the problem in as much detail as possible
7. Note whether the problem has been reported previously.

John Schwander

Manager of Information Services

(302) 831-1987


Vejsuwan Phommachanh

Customer Service Center Supervisor

(302) 831-1141


Customer Service Representatives

Cara Morgan

Sean Surer

We also employ UD Students as representatives

Information Services

The goal of the Information Services is to increase knowledge management and the associated education it brings to M&O and the organizations we support across the University of Delaware. The central function of Information Services will be the collection, management and dissemination of information relating to M&O services in support of improving the broader mission of FREAS.

John Schwander

Manager of Information Services

(302) 831-1987


Operations Staff

Randy Murphy

HVAC Refrigeration & Dining Equipment Manager
(302) 831-2996

Dave Glenn

Building Automation Systems Supervisor
(302) 831-1287

Joe Lapalombara

Assistant Director of Operations
(302) 831-4878

Mike Crescenzo

HVAC Supervisor
(302) 831-0199

John Schwander

Information Services Manager
(302) 831-1987