The Facilities Maintenance department operates and maintains the University of Delaware’s campus in support of the University’s teaching, research and community service responsibilities. We are responsible for the maintenance, operation, protection, and preservation of the facilities of the University of Delaware. All University of Delaware students, faculty, staff and visitors are our customers.

Electrical Services

Electrical Services maintains and operates all of the low and medium voltage electrical systems on campus. We are also responsible for all campus elevators, emergency generators and preventative maintenance for building infrastructure electrical equipment.

Routine Corrective Maintenance

  • Replace switches and receptacles
  • Replace ballasts in light fixtures
  • Responsible for ensuring power to equipment and outlets.
  • Responsible for all secondary switch gear feeding the university campus.
  • Responsible for all medium voltage switch gear feeding the university campus.

Chargeable Services

  • Install new electrical panels and services for equipment and building needs
  • Upgrade existing or install new light fixtures, lighting equipment and dimming
  • Provide lighting options and installations
  • Upgrade electrical systems as necessary
  • Provide temporary generator support.

Christopher Huffman

Electric Shop Manager

(302) 831-2621

Lewes Campus

We manage and maintain the Franklin C. Daiber Housing Complex, which provides housing for graduate students, visiting professors/scientists and faculty for the College of Earth, Ocean, and the Environment. The complex has 28 three-bedroom and two two-bedroom, semi-detached ranch houses. It is located approximately 2 miles from the Hugh R. Sharp Campus.

We also manage and maintain the Henlopen Dormitory. It provides housing for undergraduates participating in the summer intern programs offered through the College of Earth, Ocean, and the Environment.

Bruce Campbell

Associate Director, Lewes

(302) 645-4322

Jennifer Clem

Administrative Assistant IV

(302) 856-7303

Electronic Services

Electronic Services maintains all the fire protection, detection, alarm and reporting systems on campus. They are also responsible for access and security systems throughout the campus.

Routine Corrective Maintenance

  • Maintain Life Safety Systems
  • Maintain Door Access Systems
  • Maintain All Security Systems
  • Maintain Facilities CCTV
  • Maintain Special Hazard Systems
  • Maintain Intercom and Paging Systems
  • Maintain Sprinkler System throughout campus
  • Maintain University Clock System

Chargeable Services

  • Install security systems
  • Relocation of fire alarm devices
  • Install door access controls
  • Install clocks
  • Provide fire alarm standby support for events

Ron Beaver

Electronics Shop Manager

(302) 831-8076

Lock and Hardware Services

Lock and Hardware Services provides security to rooms and buildings on campus by providing and maintaining a University wide master key system, maintenance and replacement of doors, locks and door hardware. Also provides and installs interior signage campus wide.

Routine Corrective Maintenance

  • Hand out keys to authorized mechanics, contractors and University personnel as needed.
  • Repair or replace broken door locks
  • Service sticking or loose door locks and hardware
  • Adjust door closures
  • Adjust doors which do not close properly
  • Service Handicap Operators
  • Maintain master key system for Newark, Wilmington, Dover, Lewes and Georgetown campuses

Chargeable Services

  • Cut keys
  • Recore locks
  • Fabricate and install small signs
  • Install desk or file cabinet locks
  • Repair or replace desk or file cabinet locks
  • Replace doors and frames
  • Install specialty locks
  • Change function of lock

Key and Access Cards

Upon check-in, residents receive a key to their room/mailbox. Duplication of any University keys, including room keys, is prohibited by the Code of Conduct. University Key/Access Control Policy and Procedures

  • Lost ID cards: Residents who lose or misplace their student ID must obtain a new one from the ID Office located in the Student Services Building at 30 Lovett Avenue. Their original ID will be deactivated immediately. The new student ID will become the resident’s permanent card and the charge will be $25.00.
  • Lost Keys: Residents who lose or misplace their key may sign out a spare key from the Residence Life & Housing staff, which must be returned within 48 hours. The charge for a core change during regular business hours is $80.00. For personal safety, when keys and identification are lost together, an emergency core change must be initiated. Please contact your Residence Life & Housing staff or University Police. The charge for an emergency core change done after 4:30 pm Monday – Friday and on Weekends is $118.00. This fee is waived if a police report is presented to the Residence Hall Coordinator/Hall Director or RA.
  • Graduate Student and Family Housing Residents must obtain a key from the Apartment Manager. Residents should read the Graduate Student and Family Housing Manual for specific instructions regarding key core changes and check-out procedures.
  • Check-Out: Residents must return room keys to the Residence Life & Housing staff at the end of fall, winter and spring semesters and if you leave the residence halls during the semester. For security reasons, if keys are not returned within the required time frame, locks on doors are changed, and residents are billed accordingly.

Mark Golden

Structural Shop Manager

(302) 831-8456

Bob Majewski

Records Technician

(302) 831-2935

Plumbing Services

Routine Corrective Maintenance

  • Repair all plumbing integral to the building operating system
  • Unplug drains
  • Repair and replace underground water and sewer lines
  • Routine preventative maintenance of emergency showers, eyewashes, and domestic hot water circulators
  • Repair and replacement of sewage and storm water pumps

Chargeable Services

  • Plumbing associated with remodeling or renovations
  • Perform minor construction
  • Install new departmental equipment

Nick Evans

Plumbing Shop Manager

(302) 831-8457

Residential Facilities Maintenance

The Manager, Maintenance, Residences and Conferences is responsible for providing maintenance to residence halls and two conference facilities. The Manager recommends short and long-range building improvements and supervises the day-to-day activities and training of hourly skilled trade maintenance personnel.


  • 24-hour Security and door alarms
  • Interior door/wood furniture repair
  • Replacement part fabrication
  • Partition, wall and cabinet construction
  • Electrical and plumbing repairs
  • Renovation projects
  • Painting student rooms, public areas and exterior building surfaces
  • Hate crimes – immediate response
  • Upholstery repair
  • Upholstery replacement

Jenny Leaberry

Key and Access Card Coordinator

(302) 831-6637

Wayne Dorrell

Manager of Housing, Furnishings

(302) 831-3340

Structural Services

Structural Services consists of four allied shops: Carpenter, Roofer, and Painting. Our area of coverage consists of both interior and exterior building maintenance and services that are related to these trades.

Routine Corrective Maintenance

  • Carpenters
    • Repair broken doors: hinges, rails, and transoms
    • Repair or replacement of windows: balancer’s, sashes, locks, and sills
    • Classroom furniture repair
    • Bathroom partitions and pilaster repairs
    • Ceiling tile replacement
    • Venetian blind repair
  • Roofers
    • Repair of roof leaks
    • Repair of leaking down spouts and gutters
    • Repair of exterior flashing and metal finishes
  • Painters
    • Painting of interior public areas
    • Painting the exterior of all academic buildings
    • Graffiti removal
    • Glass repairs: doors, windows, and sky lights
    • Replacement of floor tile and cove base

Chargeable Services

  • Carpenters
    • Remodeling
    • Building of cabinets, shelves and other custom items
    • Fabrication and installation of counter tops
    • Hanging of pictures, plaques, and bulletin boards
    • Repairs of furniture
  • Roofers
    • Custom items fabricated of metal
    • Hanging of banners and signs
  • Painters
    • Office and classroom painting
    • Furniture refinishing
    • Glass desk top protectors installed

Roger Uhline

Manager, Structural Services

(302) 831-1051

Mark Golden

Structural Shop Manager

(302) 831-8456


What number should I call to request maintenance services?
Call (302) 831-1141 (24/7) and the Operations Center will be able to address your concerns.

I’m not sure if my problem is an emergency. What should I do?
If you’re not sure, always contact the Facilities Operations Center at (302) 831-1141

What if I have a maintenance emergency after normal business hours?
The Facilities Operations Center has extended hours covering evenings and weekends. At other hours, voice mail gives the caller the option to press “0” and speak with after hours personnel.

Can I contact a maintenance shop directly to request service?
No, all maintenance request must be entered through the Facilities Operations Center.

Can I submit a maintenance request online?

YES – Routine Work (maintenance)
YES – Non-Routine Work
Routine vs. Non-Routine Work

Do I have to pay for my work request?
Routine corrective maintenance on campus is typically free of charge. All other (non-routine) work is generally billable. View our list of typical routine and non-routine work.

How do I check the status of my work request?
Call (302)831-1141; in many cases detailed information limited to whether or not the Work Order is still active or closed, and you will be directed to the appropriate person for follow up information. You can also check the status of your work order online.

My office/room is too hot/cold.  What do I do?
Please note that the University has made a decision to save energy cost by raising the set temperature of University buildings to 76 degrees during the summer months and lowering the set temperature of the same buildings to 68 degrees during the winter months. If you believe that the temperature in your building/room is not within the acceptable range then please call (302)831-1141 or email to

How do I order keys?
Request for Service – Lock shop (keys only)

Maintenance Staff

Paul Dickinson

(302) 831-2619

Brian Schuster

Associate Director
(302) 831-6097

Bruce Campbell

Associate Director, Lewes
(302) 645-4322

Ron Beaver

Electronics Shop Manager
(302) 831-8076

Wayne Dorrell

Manager of Housing, Furnishings
(302) 831-3338

Nick Evans

Plumbing Shop Manager
(302) 831-8457

Gary Sterling

Lewes Maintenance Manager
(302) 645-4326

Mark Golden

Structural Shop Manager
(302) 831-8456

Christopher Huffman

Electric Shop Manager
(302) 831-2621

Roger Uhline

Carpenters & Painters Manager
(302) 831-1051

Ken Wassmer

Harker Lab General Manager
(302) 831-7065

Jason Wiley

Supervisor of Housing
(302) 831-3338