Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary Services manages a wide range of units and services. Connecting the campus community to third party resources and services is our responsibility.  We encourage you to check out the many different aspects of the Auxiliary Services.

Green Reservations

The Outside Facilities Use Request Form, otherwise known as the “Green Reservation Request Form” is used to reserve areas outside of residence halls and other campus buildings.  These areas include:

  • North Green: Between Delaware Avenue and Main Street
  • Central Green: Between Memorial Hall and Delaware Avenue
  • South Green: Between Laurel Hall and Memorial Hall
  • Academy Lawn: Corner of Academy St and Main St
  • Magnolia Fountain
  • Old College Lawn
  • Mentor’s Circle
  • Smith/Purnell Quad
  • Alumni Circle

NOTE: Your “Green Reservation Request Form” must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the event date. For more information please contact Ann Marie Taylor,

Please know that once a “Green Reservation Request” is submitted it goes through an approval process.  This process can take several weeks as many UD Departments, such as UD Grounds, UDPD, EHS, Residence Life, Student Centers (RSO/GREEK), Development & Alumni Relations, Office of Communications & Marketing, etc. are involved in the approval process. Please take this into consideration when submitting your reservation.

Additional Outside Locations:

NOTE: select the appropriate form for UD departments or student organizations.

What approvals do I need to hold an event on campus?

Events sponsored by Residence Life and Housing, Community Councils, or Residence Life and Housing Groups.

  • The Residence Hall Coordinator must verify that all aspects of the event are carefully planned.
  • The Director of Residence Life or designee must approve the event.
  • The Executive Vice President or designee must approve the outdoor area to be used.

Events sponsored by Chartered Greek Organizations or by Registered Student Organizations.

  • The Associate Director for Activities & Programs or designee must verify that all aspects of the event are carefully planned.
  • The Executive Vice President or designee must approve the outdoor area to be used.

Events sponsored by departments, colleges, and other administrative units

  • Event locations must be approved by the Executive Vice President or designee.

Important Notes Regarding Use

      • All events require approval from EHS, UDPD and UD Grounds.
      • Some events may require special approval from Newark Police, the Safety Office, or the Associate Treasurer for Finance.
      • Resident Student Organizations (RSO) must speak with the Student Centers Activities & Programs Office before the Green Reservation Request is given Final Approval.
      • If your event includes amplified and/or excessive sound, please consider buildings in the nearby area. Will classes be in session? Are there residence halls nearby? There is a maximum of 4 hours for events with amplified sound.
      • Maximum of 6 hours for any event.
      • No events will be permitted to begin before 9 am and all events must end by 8 pm, Sunday through Thursday, and by 10 pm Friday and Saturday.
      • Note that there is no electricity and limited lighting on the Green. If your event requires electricity and/or additional lighting, there are likely to be added costs. Please submit a Request for Service to fund this non-routine work, and allow for the added processing time.
      • If you intend to spike (tent, fence) or dig into the ground, you (or your contractor) are required by law to notify Miss Utility (800-257-7777) and submit a Request for Service, as described above. Allow for added time to process all related requests. Depending on the size of the tent a UD Tent Application may be required.
      • Any landscape restoration costs resulting from the event will be charged to the sponsor group, including protective measures, restoration, and damage to underground irrigation systems. Final cost will be based on actual restoration costs. Please contact Mike Loftus, Grounds for information on these costs.

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Laundry Services

All residential laundry rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art, commercial-grade, energy-saving, front-loading Speed Queen washers and dryers.  Their energy-efficient profile is consistent with the University’s support of ‘green” sustainability initiatives. Speed Queen machines have larger door openings, making loading and unloading easier for students.  The washers are rated at 18-lb capacity, and will thoroughly clean any amount of clothing that can fit in the tub.  Speed Queen produces the only front-loading washer still manufactured in America.

  • Washer load $1.75
  • Dryer load $1.75
  • All laundry rooms are equipped with a card-reader to allow laundry payment from the students’ FLEX account.
  • Payment is also accepted in all laundry rooms via coins (quarters only).
  • The laundry rooms are kept clean, well-lit, and safe.
  • Most rooms are equipped with folding tables, as well as work-tables and chairs, where space allows.
  • All single units, as well as the bottom unit of the stack-dryers, are ADA-compliant.


In Spring 2024, a new app called SpeedQueen will be implemented allowing students to pay for laundry, check on availability of laundry machines, and to request notification when their laundry is done. With this optional system, students can login from any browser, or download a smartphone app, to verify that a machine is available before lugging their laundry basket down to the laundry room. Check out SpeedQueen features on Android or iOS.

Tips for Laundry Success

Visit for laundry tips, or “like” Caldwell and Gregory on Facebook to be eligible to win prizes.

For washing success:

  • The washers require HE (high efficiency) detergent and only 1/4 cup or less.
  • The new liquid pods are fine to use but they need to go in the door – not the drawer
  • Please do not use solid soap tablets or Purex 3-in-1 sheets.
  • No bleach at all should be used due to the Newark water.
  • Please leave the washer door open after use.
  • Empty the dryer lint filter every time.
  • Read your clothing labels for the best way to wash each item of clothing. If it says DRY CLEAN ONLY, don’t put it in the washer or dryer.
  • Empty your pockets! Items left in your pockets can damage the machines and ruin your clothing.
  • The washer door will lock about 30 seconds after the cycle starts and will not unlock until about 30 seconds after the cycle completes.
  • Front Load Washers are large capacity and can wash up to a double-sized comforter. (By itself – not with other items.)

For drying success:

  • 1 wash load = 1 dry load. An overloaded dryer won’t dry your clothes in one cycle.
  • If the dryer setting is too hot, you can shrink your clothes, especially jeans and 100% cotton items.
  • Please empty the dryer lint filter every time.

Auxiliary Services Staff

Jason Rautio

Director, Auxiliary Services

Holly Walls

Manager, Auxiliary Services

Ozlem Batan


Carol Winward

Financial Analyst II, Auxiliary Services

David Villa

Financial Analyst I, Auxiliary Services