Welcome to the Urban Oak Silviculture Study

Developed by members of the Urban Silviculture Network, this study tests climate-adapted restoration strategies for two species of oak, chestnut oak and white oak. The study has been installed in four cities in the northeast US, including Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Haven, and Springfield, MA and will be tracked for decades. This project is a part of a larger effort by the Urban Silviculture Network to develop urban and climate adapted strategies to conserve and restore forests in cities.

Lead researchers Tara Trammell, Rich Hallett, and Max Piana package oaks for transplanting.
Preparing an oak planting site in Baltimore.

We will be developing this page over the spring and summer of 2023 as we establish our silviculture sites. For now, you can contact max.piana@usda.gov with questions or comments. If you see a problem with one of our deer exclosures, please let us know.