Please note that this schedule may be subject to change.

June 19                    Leave USA for Jakarta
June 20                    Arrival in Jakarta
                                  We are trying to arrange for you to stay at  a hotel next  to Atma Jaya University: Hotel Aryaduta Semanggi
Jl. Garnisun Dalam no. 8 | Karet Semanggi,
Jakarta 12930, Indonesia

June 21 – 23           General orientation and brief
              crash course in Indonesian  

 June 24 –               Leave  for Kupang (Nusa Tenggara Timur -NTT)

June 25 – July 1     Training workshop in Kupang (Part 1)

July 2 – Jul 24        Field placements

July 25                    Return to Kupang

July 26 – July 31    Second training workshop in Kupang (data      consolidation and post fieldwork debriefing)

Aug 1 – Aug 6         Free time for travel in  Indonesia (if you chose this option, if not your ticket back to Jakarta will  be booked for July 31st and your ticket back to the USA will  be for Aug 1st).

Aug 6  –                   Travel back to Jakarta (Hotel will be arranged)

Aug 7 –                    Early morning flight back to the USA

Please note that you should not purchase tickets for international travel without consulting with us. Our project is funded by the National Science Foundation, so travel is subject to the Fly America Act, and tickets will be purchased for you after you submit your selected itinerary.

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