Travel and evacuation insurance (highly recommended)

 You may want to buy travel interruption insurance, to be covered if you miss your flights or need to change your flights because of sickness.

You may also need medical insurance for abroad, if your current insurance does not cover you abroad or has large deductibles. You definitely need to have evacuation insurance in case of a real emergency. Please note that NSF regulations prohibit us from covering any insurance costs.

For more information please consult:


Try to shop for a plan, given your own personal needs and budget. A website that allows you to compare many reputable insurance companies is:

They offer a plan for about $90-$100 (depending on your age) that provides $3500 trip interruption and includes basic medical and also offers up to $250,000 in evacuation insurance. Please make sure you buy this insurance immediately after we purchase the international tickets for you, or the insurance will not cover pre-existing health conditions.

Other more limited options:

About $68 – $100 for medical insurance and evacuation insurance for students that does NOT provide trip interruption is offered by GEO-Blue (BCBS):

If you just want to purchase evacuation insurance try the following:

Please read all policies carefully before purchasing insurance. We strongly encourage you to purchase at least evacuation insurance, but please be aware of the fact that such limited insurance does not cover your actual medical costs and may not cover flights back home due to the delay caused by medical problems.

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