Booking Your Travel

We will buy the international tickets to Jakarta for you. We are operating under the following restrictions:

    1. Since this is a US government funded project all flights have to comply with the Fly America Act. That basically means that you have to leave the US on a US carrier, and the last flight touching down on US soil has to be on a US carrier. (It is OK, however,  if the flight is for example sold as a United flight, ticketed by United, but operated by a foreign carrier which happens to code-share their flight with United).  For more information consult the Fly America Act.  We will try to book all your flights on United and All  Nippon Airways.
    2. You have to decide before we book your international tickets, if you would  like to spend an extra week of vacation in Indonesia after the program is over. If you choose this option,  we would still pay for your return flight to Jakarta (up to the price of a ticket from Kupang to Jakarta).  But you need to make that decision as soon as possible, since your international tickets can not be changed once booked.
    3. Tickets from Jakarta to Kupang (and other local travel in Indonesia) will be purchased for you in Indonesia. You will receive information about this once you arrive in Jakarta.
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