William B Farquhar, PhD


If you think the Cardiovascular Physiology Research Lab is for you, contact Dr. William Farquhar

Joseph Stock


My research interests include investigating how lifestyle interventions like diet and exercise can improve cardiovascular health. Currently, I am researching how sodium is sensed in the brain and how excess sodium impacts cardiovascular health. Outside of the lab I delight in the gospel of Jesus Christ and enjoy biking, golfing, and playing board games with family and friends.

Nathan Romberger

PhD Student

Research interests include studying how exercise and nutrition impact cardiovascular health and performance.

Ronald McMillan

PhD Student

Research interests include understanding the role of dietary salt intake on activation of the human immune system and its impact on cardiovascular disease. In his free time, Ron enjoys cooking and resistance training.

Liza Walker, BS

Lab Coordinator

Mike Trinidad

Undergraduate Student

I am a rising sophomore at the University of Delaware. My major is Human Physiology and my minor is Business Administration. I am a Resident Assistant for James Smith Hall and a martial arts instructor for two karate dojos. I also take part in the HOLA club (Hispanic/Latino Student Association).

Ibrahim Salhab

Undergraduate Student

Junior exercise science major on a pre-medical track, work as a medical scribe, like to volunteer at food bank during free time, play intramural sports at UD.

Previous Lab Members

Austin T Robinson, PhD

Research interests include investigating the impact of nutrition and physical activity on cardiovascular health and disease. My current specific interest is determining if high fitness and/or physical activity offset some of the negative vascular consequences of consuming excess dietary salt.

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AJP-Heart and Circulatory Podcast in May 2017

Joseph C Watso, PhD

Research interests include better understanding the role of integrative stratigies (e.g., exercise, diet) in maintaining cardiovascular health throughout aging.

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Matthew C Babcock, PhD

Research interests include studying how nutrition and exercise affect cardiovascular health and disease. My current specific interest is in how blood pressure responses to aerobic exercise are affected by dietary salt intake.

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Kamila U Migdal, PhD

Research interests include improving our understanding of the role of nutrition and exercise on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.