Dear Blue Hen families,

Welcome to the University of Delaware! The University of Delaware sees students’ parents, families and supporters as partners in their students’ college experience and, also, engaged members in the Blue Hen community.

Through this challenging time globally and nationally, the University remains committed to walking alongside our students to facilitate a meaningful UD experience and connections to the Blue Hen community.

Recently, we have further developed Parent and Family Engagement. Parent and Family Engagement builds constructive relationships with UD families and capitalizes on the strengths of the Division of Student Life and university partners in support of student success and development. We inform UD families about the value of family relationships in higher education and encourage appropriate familial partnerships.

As we develop Parent and Family Engagement, it is essential that we have a unified definition of family. Leaning into Student Life’s value of pursuing equity, family is defined as any support person(s) of a University of Delaware student. Students find family and support in parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, partners and spouses, children, friends, and others. We acknowledge their influence on student success. Support for student success looks different for each family. We welcome all supporters of student success to engage in the University of Delaware community.

We encourage all families to review this website and the Blue Hen Family Hub to learn about UD resources and information for your student’s success.

As you and your student navigate life at UD, there may be times that you experience a complex situation and are unsure of where to turn for assistance. We welcome you to reach out to our office and look forward to connecting with you.

Go Blue Hens,

Adam D. Cantley,
Dean of Students
Office of the Dean of Students