Student Life

This committee shall formulate rules and regulations bearing upon the care, control, and government of students, and except where otherwise delegated, upon student extra-course activities. It shall advise the Vice President for Student Life on the implementation of rules and regulations enacted by the faculty or its Senate, and at least once annually shall review and evaluate with him or her these rules and regulations and their implementation. The committee shall generally assist and advise the Vice President for Student Life and be assisted and advised by him or her, meeting with the Vice President upon request and requesting meetings as needed.

The committee shall also specifically advise upon student financial aid, student residence halls, student counseling and placement, student health, and policies governing beverage alcohol use and substance abuse; it shall meet with the directors of administrative units responsible for these matters, at the request of the directors or at the discretion of the chairperson of the committee. It shall have general oversight of the policies of the Undergraduate Student Judicial System, as provided for below. It shall further advise upon student publications and make provision for faculty advisors to them. On all issues falling under its jurisdiction, the committee shall initially decide whether a change in the substance or wording of a policy should have the approval of the full Senate, or should only require approval of the committee itself, with the Senate informed of its action. The Senate ultimately may choose to act upon items sent to it as information.

This committee shall consist of two designees of the Vice President for Student Life; one representative of the Office of Graduate Studies, designated by the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies; five faculty members, one of whom shall be chairperson, one of whom shall serve on the Undergraduate Behavior Review Committee, one of whom shall serve on the Graduate Behavior Review Committee, and one of whom shall be appointed to membership on the undergraduate Council on Student Judicial Affairs, who shall have the authority to decide when policy changes contemplated by that Council shall require the approval of the Committee on Student Life; four undergraduate students to be appointed by the Delaware Undergraduate Student Congress, two of whom shall serve on the Undergraduate Behavior Review Committee; and one graduate student appointed by the Committee on Graduate Studies in the absence of a duly constituted Graduate Student Association, who shall also serve on the Graduate Behavior Review Committee.

Chair: Jacqueline Hilsenbech-Fajardo/Kristin Wiens

Committee Members:

Jennifer Lambe

Brittany Overstreet
Kinesiology and Applied Physiology

Jacqueline Hilsenbech-Fajardo
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Kristin Wiens
Behavioral Health and Nutrition

Chris Williams
Entomology and Wildlife Ecology

Nicholas Makos
Undergraduate Student Representative  2019

John Cohill
Undergraduate Student Representative  2019

Shane Dorsey
Undergraduate Student Representative  2019

Cecila Giacoma
Undergraduate Student Representative  2019

Zack Gursky
Graduate Student Representative

Kathleen Kerr
Associate Vice President for Res Life & Housing

Mary Martin
Graduate Studies
Designee of VP for Acad. & Intntl. Programs

Adam Cantley
Interim Dean of Students