Instructional, Computing and Research Support Services

This committee will advise the Senate on policies, practices and needs for educational resource facilities and computer technology. Working with the Vice President for Information Technologies, the Director of the Library, and other individuals or units as appropriate, this committee will submit recommendations and reports to the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate.

The Committee on Instructional, Computing and Research Support Services shall consist of one faculty member from each of the colleges of the University, one of whom shall be appointed as chairperson by the president of the Faculty Senate; an undergraduate student; a graduate student; a designee of the Director of the Library; a designee of the Director of the Office of Educational Technology; a designee of the Director of Professional and Continuing Studies; and a designee of the Vice President for Information Technologies.

Chair:  Don Lehman

Committee Members:

Barbara Cullis
B&E Accounting and MIS
BE 2019

Henry May
School of Education
2020 CEHD

Don Lehman
Medical Laboratory Science
2019 HS    Chair

Y J Leung
Mathematical Sciences
AS 2019

Saleem Ali
EOE 2019

Anderson Janotti
Matrials Science and Engineering
ENG. 2019

Amy Biddle
Animal and Food Sciences
AG 2019

Elaine Ansah
Undergraduate Student Representative  2019

John Russo
Graduate Student Representative

Sharon Pitt
Vice President Information Technologies
Vice President Information Technologies

Joanne Jennings
Director of Computing Operations, Office of Educational Technology

Trevor Dawes
Vice Provost for Libraries and Museums

Aviva Heyn
Assistant Director of Digital Learning, Office of Professional and Continuing Studies