Graduate Studies

This committee shall review and consider matters relating to graduate education, and shall receive and may stimulate and originate proposals for its development.

This committee shall formulate, for determination by the Faculty Senate, the policies for admission to graduate study. It shall have the power to act on the alteration, addition or deletion of individual graduate courses recommended by college committees and to delegate this authority to the individual colleges, Office of the University Registrar, or Office of Graduate Studies, as it deems appropriate. It shall have the power to act on minor modifications of approved graduate programs and shall make recommendation to the Faculty Senate on courses of study leading to graduate degrees and on matters of policy concerning graduate study, and may employ outside consultants to this end. The committee shall have the authority and responsibility for general policies concerning the judicial system for graduate students. In the absence of a duly constituted graduate student government, each academic year it shall appoint the graduate student member of the Committee on Student Life. (Detailed procedures for instituting or modifying graduate degree programs are on file in the Senate Office and Office of Graduate Studies.)

The Faculty Senate Committee on Graduate Studies shall periodically receive from the Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional education a review of the status of each department’s program of graduate studies and appropriate recommendations for any action that may be deemed necessary. In addition the affected unit or units shall be afforded an opportunity to review and comment on the Vice Provost’s review. Such comments from the unit shall also be transmitted to the Graduate Studies Committee. The Graduate Studies Committee shall prepare its own recommendations pertaining to periodic reviews of individual graduate programs.

On the recommendation of the Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education this committee shall certify to the President students who have completed the requirements for advanced degrees and upon whom the faculty, with the approbation of the Trustees, is conferring such degrees; such certification shall be entered into the minutes of the faculty or its Senate.

1. The faculty members of the Graduate Studies Committee shall be selected by the Senate Committee on Committees and Nominations from among experienced scholars of the faculty, who shall possess established reputations in their fields, a strong commitment to the highest graduate standards, and experience with various types of graduate degree programs.

2. The chairperson of the Committee on Committees shall annually solicit nominations for service on the Committee on Graduate Studies from the Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education, the Provost, and other sources.

3. The Committee shall consist of a chairperson, three faculty members from the College of Arts and Sciences (if feasible, one from natural sciences and mathematics, one from arts and humanities, and one from the social and behavioral sciences) and one representative from each other college offering a graduate program, serving for three-year terms to be arranged in sequence such that the terms of no more than four members shall expire in any academic year. In addition, there shall be two ex officio members, the Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education and the Director of the University Library. There shall be two graduate student members appointed. In the absence of a duly constituted graduate student government the Committee on Graduate Studies shall have the responsibility of arranging the election of graduate student senators. Members as they retire from the Committee shall be replaced by members with the new period of tenure.

4. The Chairperson of the Graduate Studies Committee shall be selected by the Committee on Committees, and shall be confirmed by the Senate for a two-year term. Nominations for this position shall be taken from a register maintained by the Faculty Senate Office of persons who have served at least one previous term of membership on the Graduate Studies Committee.

Chair: Wei-Jun Cai

Committee Members:

Wei-Jun Cai
School of Marine Science and Policy
EOE 2019  Chair

Fred Hofstetter
School of Education
EHD 2021

Deb Jaisi
Plant and Soil Sciences
2019 AG  Co-Chair

Dayan Knox
Psychological and Brain Sciences
2019 AS

Shannon Lennon
Kinesiology and Applied Physiology
2019 HS

Stephanie Law
Materials Science and Engineering
2020 ENG

Tim Spaulding
AS 2018

Jonathan Justice
School of Public Policy and Administration
AS 2020

Gregory Kane
Accounting and MIS
2020 BE

Hiral Master
Graduate Student Representative

Danielle Valcourt
Graduate Student Representative

Trevor A. Dawes
Vice Provost for Libraries and Museums and May Morris University Librarian

Mary Martin (Advisor)
Associate Vice Provost, Graduate and Professional Education (Advisor)

Jeff Palmer (Advisor)

Doug Doren
Interim Vice Provost, Graduate and Professional Education