Coordinating Committee on Education

This committee shall oversee the broad educational affairs of the University in a larger context and will provide liaison and coordination among the various educational committees of the Senate and the Office of the Provost. It will examine educational proposals presented by other Senate committees and will provide leadership for University level educational initiatives, which may include initiating proposals to be considered by the Senate.

It shall survey academic impacts, weaknesses and strengths. It will help formulate and assess educational policies and practices and make recommendations. It will consult with the Senate Budget Committee to assess the financial impact of academic proposals and initiatives as appropriate.

This committee shall be made up of the President elect of the Senate who shall chair the committee; the Provost or his or her designee; three faculty members appointed for three-year terms by the Committee on Committees and Nominations; one undergraduate and one graduate student; and the chairpersons of the following enumerated standing committees of the Faculty Senate. 1. Committee on Graduate Studies 2. Committee on Undergraduate Studies 3. Committee on Instructional, Computing, and Research Support Services 4. Library Committee.

Chair: Matthew Robinson

Committee Members:

Diane Wright
Accounting and MIS
2020 Member

Dan Freeman
Business Administration
Fall Replacement Member

Matthew Robinson
Hospitality and Business Management

Steve Eidelman
Human Development and Family Sciences
2019 Member

Karren Helsel-Spry
Faculty Senate

Brian Hanson
UGS Chair

Don Lehman
Medical Laboratory Science
Chairperson ICRSS

Mark Parcells
Animal and Food Sciences
2020 Member

Wei-Jun Cai
School of Marine Science and Policy
Graduate Studies Chair

Nicholas Makos
Undergraduate Student Representative  2019

Marcia Shirilla
Graduate Student Representative  2019

Lynn Okagaki
Deputy Provost, University of Delaware
Provost Designee