Budget Committee

The University Faculty Senate Budget Committee is charged with the responsibilities of

    1. becoming fully informed on the financial and planning issues of this University. Specifically, it shall examine University budgets, financial statements and other related documents used in developing budgetary plans.
    2. reviewing and providing timely prospective advice, prior to finalizing budget turnaround decisions, concerning the University’s annual budgets, the processes used to determine them, and their potential impact on the academic, research and outreach missions of the University to the President, Provost, Deans and other officers of administration with responsibility for the University’s annual budgets.
    3. reviewing budgets of newly proposed or substantially revised academic programs to determine their viability in conjunction with the Coordinating Committee on Education.
    4. communicating information about the University’s annual budgets and their potential impact on academic programs to the University Faculty Senate and to the University Faculty as a whole.

This committee is authorized to confer with other Senate committees and with University budget personnel as appropriate.

The Committee shall consist of seven faculty, the majority of whom shall be tenured. Faculty shall be from at least four of the seven colleges. The Committee on Committees and Nominations shall appoint the faculty members for this committee for terms of three years. Appointments shall be scheduled such that the faculty member’s terms will expire in a staggered manner. The Committee on Committees and Nominations shall appoint annually the chairperson from the seven faculty members. An eighth member of the committee shall be appointed annually by the Provost as his or her designee, and this member shall serve to facilitate interactions between the committee and relevant administrative offices.

Chair: Todd Royer

Committee Members:

Michael Chajes
Civil and Environmental Engineering
ENG 2018

Andy Fields
BE 2020

Fred Hofstetter
School of Education
CEHD 2020

Andreas Muenchow
Marine Science and Policy
2019 EOE

Todd Royer
Kinesiology and Applied Physiology
2020  Chair

Alexander Selimov
Languages, Literatures and Cultures
2019 AS

Chris Williams
Entomology and Wildlife Ecology
2018  Co-chair

Peggy Bottorff
Assoc Provost/Chief of Staff
Provost Designee