Cultural Activities and Public Events

It should be the objective of the Cultural Activities and Public Events Committee to foster, encourage and coordinate throughout the University programs of local, national, and world significance that illuminate, explain, articulate, or are a creative part of the cultures of mankind. The committee shall work with any and all agencies of the University specifically to sponsor, direct, or advise on programs which bring to the University notable and creative figures in scholarship, presentations, art exhibits, and media productions, or any presentation that reflects upon the University’s obligation to foster and contribute to the cultural life of the community and the world.

The Cultural Activities and Public Events Committee will meet and will have the specific responsibility of establishing a budget. The Committee will select from its membership a fiscal agent who will have oversight of expenditures. The fiscal agent should have knowledge of the University’s accounting system and have direct access to secretarial support.

The Cultural Activities and Public Events Committee shall consist of: eight faculty members, two to represent art, two to represent the performing arts, two to represent visiting scholars and speakers, and two to represent films, one of whom shall be appointed as chairperson; two undergraduate students; a graduate student; and an appointee of the Vice President for Student Life.

Chair: Juliet Dee

Committee Members:

Pia Inquito 2033 School of Nursing 2022
Cara White  1403 Student Center Designee
Priscilla Smith 2361  Art and Design 2022
Jan Bibik 3537 Behavioral Health & Nutrition 2022
Lauren Covington School of Nursing 2022
Juliet Dee 8021 Communication 2022
Lindsay Hoffman Communication 2022
Gladys Ilarregui Languages Literatures and Cultures 2022
Crystal Solomon Undergraduate Student Representative 2021
Annanya Venkataraman Undergraduate Student Representative 2021