Academic Priorities and Presidential Advisory, Committee on

This committee shall provide advice concerning long-term priorities for the University to the sitting Faculty Senate President, and when appropriate, to the Office of the Provost, and to the Office of the President.

This committee is charged with the responsibility of participating in Academic Program Reviews (APRs), which is the function of the Provost Office in conjunction with the Faculty Senate.  The Committee shall advise the Provost on all matters pertaining to APR’s including the selection of units for review.  In May, the Committee will obtain a list, from the Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs, of all programs scheduled for review in the coming year.  This committee will maintain a written log of all APR’s.  This committee will meet at least once a year with the Provost and Deputy Provost to review APR reports for the current year and progress on addressing concerns raised in APR reports from the previous year.

The committee also shall provide historical perspective and recommendations to the Faculty Senate President on matters deemed to be of importance to the Senate, the faculty, or the academic well-being of the University.

This committee shall appoint a replacement for the Past President should a vacancy occur. The replacement will be a former President of the University Faculty Senate.

The committee shall consist of the sitting Senate President, President-Elect, and three to five former Senate Presidents appointed by the Committee on Committees and Nominations. Members shall serve two-year terms, with one former Senate President joining and one leaving each year, if feasible. The Past President serving on the Faculty Senate Executive Committee will serve as chair of the committee.

The Committee shall meet as least once  during the fall and spring semester, or more frequently if required.


Chair: Matthew Robinson

Committee Members:

Martha Buell
Human Development and Family Studies (Senate President)
Former Senate President 2022

Chris Williams
Entomology and Wildlife Ecology
Chairperson, Coordinating Committee on Education 2021

Matthew Robinson
Hospitality Business Management
Past President Serving on Exec 2021

Deni Galileo
Biological Sciences
Former Senate President 2022

Amy Johnson
School of Nursing
Former Senate President 2022

Charlie Boncelet
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Former Senate President 2022

Alan Fox
Philosophy Department
Former Senate President 2021