New evacuation meeting place

Hi, all!  You may have noticed the construction on the Green (!).  Due to this construction, we can no longer access our usual evacuation meeting place located across the Green.  So, we will now be meeting at Mentor’s Circle whenever we must evacuate the building.  That is the area to the left of the library (as you exit) where the large book is located.

Below is a chart of which staff members will notify Circulation staff that F&V has cleared the building:

Film & Video/Multimedia Collections and Services Mentor’s Circle

Normal business hours:

Valerie Jones


Kathy Cephas or

Mike Gates

As always, if you have any questions, ask one of your knowledgeable F&V staff!!  🙂

DVD Guidebooks and accompanying material

Hi, folks. Did you know that some DVD titles have accompanying material that is filed elsewhere?  I hope you answered “yes”!  So, this will be either news or just a reminder: some DVDs have material like books, pamphlets or posters that come with them.  These items are not filed with the DVDs.  They are filed in the filing cabinets by the VR projection booth.  The file drawers are marked as are the folders inside to hold the material.  The materials have call # labels and barcodes so they should always be individually scanned out to a patron or in when returned.  The Great Courses DVDs are a good example because they always come with a guidebook.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask staff.  We’re here to help!

Catching Everyone Up on Upcoming Events in F&V

Hi, folks.  There are several things that are coming up that I want to call to your attention.

First is Election Day which is Tuesday, November 6th (next week).  I hope you will all vote!  At any rate, this is a reminder that the library is open that day and so are we, even though there are no classes.  We will be open our usual hours from 8am-9pm.  If you normally work on Tuesdays, I will expect to see your smiling face (unless you have arranged for a sub).

Second, we have had a great response rate to our survey.  Let’s keep that up by asking patrons who come to the desk if they have taken the survey, if not, ask them if they have 10 minutes to take it on the IPad we have at the desk. If they don’t have time, be sure to give them a postcard that has the information on it for them to fill out the online survey from home.  We are counting on those at the desk to spread the word to our regular users!  The survey will run through 11/15.

Third, Thanksgiving break is coming up! I know classes end on 11/16 but the library is open from 1-5 on Saturday, 11/17 and Sunday, 11/18.  We will need students to work those days as well as Monday, 11/19 through Wednesday, 11/21 from 10am to 5 pm (doesn’t have to be the whole shift).  Those of you who work Saturdays and Sundays can post a sub request if you will not be here.  Those of you who live local, please help out by covering the requests. We are closed Wednesday-Saturday and reopen on Sunday 11/25 at 1pm.

Last but not least, exams are coming up soon after Thanksgiving and I just want to remind you all that our desk schedule goes to the end of exams (December 15th) and you are expected to work your regular hours until then unless you make alternate arrangements (ie. subs).

Well, I could look for memes all day but I guess I’d better finish this.  As always, if you have any questions, you know where to find staff who can help you – in the office!

New F&V tutorial / F&V Survey

Hi, folks.  I hope your semester is going well.  You will be thrilled (or not) to know there only 30 days until Thanksgiving break!  Our semester schedule was off to a rocky start with gaps remaining until just last week.  We are trying to fill one last shift – Sundays from 1-5pm.  If anyone wants some extra hours, let staff know.

The main reason for this post is to spread the word that F&V is conducting a survey!  You probably already heard about it.  We want to find out how our users are using the collection.  It doesn’t take long to fill out.  There are informational postcards at our desk as well as well as other service desks in the Library. You should take it yourselves and encourage our users to take it as well. The more information, the better! We are working on getting an IPad to use at the desk for users to take it right there. We’ll keep you posted on that.  Here is the Film & Video Collection Survey URL:

The other reason for this post is that at long last, we now have a tutorial to assist patrons in searching specifically for F&V material.  Here is the link:

Searching DELCAT Discovery for Videos & Games

Take a look and tell us what you think about these exciting new releases!

Welcome Fall!!

Welcome back! We are only days away from the beginning of Fall 2019 classes! It’s been a relatively quiet summer but with some changes.  One that will have a direct impact on all of you is the new Library (and F&V) webpage.  You will want to take a look and explore the new layout for both pages so you can assist our users at the desk.

The Viewing Room remote control was re-programmed and has been working so far this summer.  Fingers crossed that it continues to behave!

A big Thanks and Farewell to Brendan and Mike.  They both graduated in May but have helped out by working over the summer but it’s now time for them to move on.  Best of luck to you both.  We’ll miss you!!

We have 3 new students (Jigar, Alissa & Tyler) from the summer and 2 new students (Joe & Sheila) for the Fall so welcome to you all!

Remember, the Fall Student Assistant Training Meeting will take place today, Monday, August 27th at 1pm.  This is a mandatory meeting for which you will be paid and F&V staff will be bringing in goodies as well!  See you there!