1/30 Lawson and Shane

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In the morning we took the metro towards downtown. First we walked around green spaces Burle Marx designed around business buildings. Then we continued to the Catedral Metropolitana. Inside of the catedral we were greeted by towering arching walls. The walls were made of square cells that allowed light in without giving a view outside.… Continue reading

Blog 1/28- Nick and Conor

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On Tuesday we woke up and piled into the van to head off to Le Sitio the home of Roberto Burle Marx. We received a tour of the massive property which included shade green houses, his home, gardens, chapel and collection of plants. We learned a lot about Burle Marx’s life and design decisions when… Continue reading

January 27th

On Monday the 27th of January, we started our morning with class at the hotel. For class, we had lecture from Sue and Anna. For our landscape class we went to a nearby park to get measurements for our sketching assignment. Getting measurements and being immersed in the park allowed us to get a better feel and idea of wear everything is truly located. After this exercise we headed to a Jujitsu lesson in Leblon. In this lesson we learned Brazilian style self defense. This showed us how every culture has their own form and the Brazilian one differs from others. The practice of Brazilian Jujitsu is popular around the world and we were able to experience a lesson first in hand the country of it’s origin. We were taught by a world champion and because of this we felt we received an authentic Brazilian experience. Later that night some students went to a street  festival in downtown Rio. Here there was Samba music, dancing and

Blog post 1/24/20 Joy and Sydney

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Friday was a big day of exploring Inhotim. Most of it was spent in a torrential downpour but that didn’t stop us from seeing plenty of exhibits and walking throughout the museum and interacting with the art. Many of us loved one exhibit that had multiple rooms to play in. For example, one room had… Continue reading

January 23 Alec and Shirley

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Today was a rainy day in Brazil! Fortunately, it was also a travel day and we were protected by the cover of an overcrowded, 19 passenger van. About three hours into our journey we had the privilege of stopping at a marvelous Oscar Niemeyer designed house surrounded by Roberto Burle Marx designed gardens. From the… Continue reading

1/22- Meghan and Hannah

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Today we hiked up the trail that goes to Christ redeemer. Towards the top we were basically climbing on rocks and using our hands. At the top we ate snacks and admired the amazing view that we worked so hard for. We were able to see almost all of Rio from the view and we… Continue reading


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Today we woke up at 8 am and took an Uber to the base of Sugarloaf mountain where we began our hike to the top of Morro Da Urca. The hike through the woods was very steep with a lot of steps built into the ground with small logs. The hike was fairly short and… Continue reading

Blog 1/17 – Anna and Anna

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This morning, we had class and did short two minute sketches during lecture about art in gardens. Afterwards, we headed to Santa Theresa, which is a artistic town in the mountains, via trolley. There, we tried feijoada at a critically acclaimed restaurant (Bar de Mineiro) which has been visited by famous foodies. Feijoada is slow… Continue reading