Community Lunch and Well Stamp

Aug 22, 2023 | Malawi

Today the team had a busy final day in the communities. We began by going to Chinamwali market to buy ingredients for our community lunch. The market was very busy. The team bought ingredients including rice, cooking oil, onions, firewood, and much more. 


Next we went to Liti Village where the civil works were almost completed. We stamped the well with the new concrete stamp, and added additional information to identify the well. Later in the day the team was able to return and see water come out of the well which was very exciting.

The team had a closing meeting with Liti Village where we Let the community know the progress with the well. The cement will cure for 7 days and then the well will be ready for the community to use.

The team then went to Nkagula village where we helped the community prepare lunch. The women helped get water from a borehole well, cooked, and stirred nsima.


Nsima is a traditional Malawian food made from flour and water that is commonly eaten everyday. Once cooked it is eaten by rolling it into a ball in your hand and then dipping it in stew. By the end of the trip we all got much better at this.


Finally the team had a closing meeting in Nkagula village.


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