Drilling Plan and Community Surveys

Aug 11, 2023 | Malawi

Today was our second day in the communities. We started off the day meeting with our driller. With VIP, we discussed the timeline for the drilling of the two boreholes, completing resistivity testing, and confirmed the dimensions of the borehole needed to produce a plentiful well.  


Afterwards, we headed to Liti to complete community surveys and perform a preliminary assessment of the primary borehole site.

Above is one household that was surveyed in Liti. The team was able to survey about 20 houses surrounding the priority borehole location, approximately ⅓ of the impact area. Many members of the community expressed their excitement about our arrival and the drilling of a borehole well.

Many animals, like chickens (nkhuku), cats (mpaka), dogs (galu), and cows (ng’ombe) live in the communities. Pictured here are goats (mbuzi) that we saw during our surveys. VIP runs a program in their health and nutrition department that distributes goats to provide milk throughout the communities.

After completing the surveys, VIP led us to the priority borehole location. The location was a general empty area where houses surrounded.

After leaving Liti, we stopped at one of our favorite places–Breadtalk–for a snack. They serve fluffy pastries filled with chicken, beef, or veggies. 

As we headed back to Naming’azi Farm, we had another beautiful view of the Zomba Plateau. One of our partners at VIP told us about how, during Cyclone Freddy, the sides of the plateau were covered in water. Almost like huge waterfalls coming down from the sky onto the flat land. Over the past few days, we have seen in real life what we saw on the news in March. It has been devastating to our team to see the destruction that Cyclone Freddy has caused. Nevertheless, the communities are healthy and continuing to recover.

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