Beach Day and Finishing the Shed

by | Jan 27, 2020 | The Philippines, Travel


Sunday, we had a day off to go to the beach in Panglao and relax. Before leaving, we dropped some supplies off to the laborers in the field and made sure they were set for the day. It was a good thing we checked in too, because they needed two more gaskets to finish the piping! That experience taught me the importance of checking in with workers and projects to make sure everything can continue on schedule. At the beach, we had some delicious mango shakes and splashed around in the water. I really enjoyed the beautiful view and taking a break from working to spend time relaxing with the team.


We got a lot of work done on Monday after our nice day off. Our carpenter really worked hard to finish up connecting the piping to the tap stands. The team also finished the electrical work in the shed and painted the exterior. It was rewarding to see how the work we put setting up the electricity paid off in powering the shed. I learned a lot about how to set up the electricity with the control box through working with Kurt. Then, we started working on chlorinating the water. While we worked in the shed, Maija worked on finishing the chlorination module so we can teach the community members how to operate the system themselves and establish their ownership of the system. Throughout our time here, the importance of having the community members engaged and feel a sense of ownership of the project has been emphasized.

Mireille Miller


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