First Day in the Field

by | Jan 21, 2020 | Uncategorized

We started off our day with a refreshing breakfast and tried some delicious eggplant! After breakfast, we went out into the field to check out the construction progress and to record what materials we had. Looking at the work done, we noticed that the trenches need to be cleared out and a valve was left open in the pipe that was already laid down and covered. At the reservoir, we identified a problem with the damage falling coconuts did to the roof of the shed. To address this problem, we decided that we will add in wood to support the roof and get rid of the three coconut trees around the shed.

At our meeting with the water council that morning, we made plans to address the issues we found that day in the field and to make construction plans for the rest of the week. We made plans to drain the reservoir, flush out the pipes in the field, and cut down the coconut trees. The community members were eager to help us and it was wonderful working with them! I admired how we immediately addressed the problems we saw in the field and kept productive all day! Near the end of our day’s work, we enjoyed some delicious fresh coconuts from the trees we cut down! I am excited to continue working with and getting to know the community here!


Mireille Miller



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