Sights and Sounds of Ubujan

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

Today was a very productive and exciting day! We started off bright and early with elevation testing alongside the Water Council of Ubujan, Bohol. The Water Council is always eager to help with everything we have planned for the day and we really appreciate working with a community that is so eager to help! I cannot explain how breathtaking this place is, and it has been an honor to see so much of this community and the people are even more wonderful than the scenery.

Education of sanitation is a very important aspect of our work in the community if we expect long-term changes. Once we spent the first half of the day laboring away in the hot sun and after eating a delicious lunch, we visited the Ubujan Elementary School and taught them about how to wash their hands. The children were shy, but they know so much about how to wash their hands and clean containers for water! They are so smart and so adorable. After our lesson, we brought them outside for some games and we learned games from them as well. We couldn’t walk one step without a cluster of Filipino children surrounding us! I hope and pray that our visit will guide and encourage these children in their lives.

After such a long day, it was time for some exploration, so we visited the market close by and got some delicious bread. The food here is absolutely amazing and I have tried so many new things! With all of these new experiences, I hope that our team can rejuvenate a passion for water in the community and show them we care about them. Until next post!

Peace, Love, EWB,


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