Diversity Caucuses

Diversity Caucuses

UD believes strongly in hearing the voices of the entire diverse community. To that end, nine caucuses have been created specifically for faculty and staff to gather with like-minded/like-identified individuals. These groups provide a critical ingredient to finding common voice and grass-roots-modeled steps toward awareness and change. The caucuses can serve as a resource, an ally and an advocate to their constituents.

Get Involved: Voices in Diversity

Caucuses have open membership, and offer you the opportunity to network and dialogue with others, play a role in initiatives, and foster a diverse and inclusive work atmosphere. To learn more about any of the caucuses and to join, click on one of the links below.

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University of Delaware Anti-Racism Initiative (UDARI)

Goal: The goal of the UD Antiracism Initiative is to bring together like-minded individuals and groups to take action against systemic racism and contribute to the reduction of racial disparities on campus and in the larger community.

Mission: The UD Antiracism Initiative contributes to the University’s strong tradition of research, teaching, artistic practices, community engagement, and service by promoting racial equality and equity by challenging systemic racism and promoting antiracism.

Many caucus members are also actively involved with the University of Delaware’s Anti-Racism Initiative. In response to continuing occurrences of violence and systemic racism throughout the nation and the growing racial justice Black Lives Matter movement, and in order to address instances of racial prejudice and implicit bias on campus, University of Delaware faculty, staff and students have initiated a new grassroots UD Antiracism Initiative (UDARI).

If you are interested in joining the Antiracism Initiative, please complete the UDARI interest form.